Easter goodies #3 – Marzipan Easter Eggs

You’ll have noticed that all the easter goodies showcased so far have marzipan in them. Incase you’re wondering why, thats because Easter treats in this part of the world primarily come in three forms – made of marzipan, made of chocolate and the hollow sugar egg. Folks here are slowly opening up to other Easter treats, but these three are still the most popular.

These are pictures of some of the marzipan Easter eggs I’d made a few years ago. The ones I made last year turned out really pretty, but true to my silly procrastinating self, I waited to make these at the last minute, took way too much time making them pretty packages and didn’t have the opportunity to get any pictures. As luck would have it, the people who had ordered them oooh’d and aaah’d about them but they didn’t have any pictures either. Well, all I can say is lesson learnt. This year there will be pictures!

Back to the Easter eggs, these are made of marzipan with Royal icing piping and fondant flowers.

In my next Easter Goodies post, I’ll show you a tiny twist on these delightful treats!

I’ve added one of my favorite marzipan recipes. Click here to view it.

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12 thoughts on “Easter goodies #3 – Marzipan Easter Eggs

  1. could u please share the recipe of these lovely easter eggs na dhow to decorate them.. would be thankful.

  2. Stumbled upon your blog via Crafty Soiree, lots of yummy ideas here. I would like to invite you to link your delicious stuff to a fun page I host, The Homespun Bake Shop @ The Tattered Tag. Happy to be a new follower. đŸ™‚

    Drop by & Browse The Tattered Tag

  3. Thanks Brittany … actually they don't, I use a little cutter and the fondant is simply rolled and the flowers cut and left to try, its much simpler than the bigger more complex flowers!

  4. Hi Trisha, i was searching for the recipe of Easter eggs and stumbled upon your blog. You have made such beautiful Easter eggs/bonnets. Do you sell them. I live in nagpur but if you are in Mumbai, i would love to have your number, so i can ask my sister to place an order with you.
    I would be very grateful if you could share your recipe for marzipan/chocolate Easter eggs. my grandmum used to make them, but somehow i was never interested in it then ! how do i send yuo my email id, i dont want it going public
    many thanks/georgie gurl

  5. They look lovely Trisha đŸ™‚ .. just wanted to know one thing.is there any way these eghs can be kept hollow inside to fill some things ?


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