Baking with kids!

I have a wonderful classic vanilla sponge cake in the oven as I write this post. Today’s order is for the humble vanilla sponge cake. I think people underestimate the awesomeness of this cake. In our house, we love it with a cup of tea; plain, no fancy schmancy frosting or anything. I guess a lot of folks are so caught up with trying to sample newer and more complex creations, that at times it can be very easy for them to forget this little beauty.

Last weekend, we had family over for game night. Its become a monthly thing, and its great fun. We had a blast. My nieces have been dying to bake something with me again. Some time ago, we baked a batch of cupcakes and they frosted and decorated them with sprinkles. I think they got quite a kick from it and wanted to do it again, but this time they didn’t want to do cupcakes, but a bigger cake. Now, I know that getting 2 kids to dress up 1 cake can be a little trying. So instead of baking 1 big cake, I just baked 2 smaller ones. They were vanilla sponge cakes with a whipped soy cream frosting and the they had so much fun with the sprinkles. Here’s a few pictures of them showing off their work …

Cute, aren’t they?