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It feels so good to be back to blogging. I’ve missed you my wonderful friends in blogland (Don’t tell anyone, but I almost had withdrawal symptoms from being away from this space for so long) and I’m happy to be back. Back from where you may wonder. We just took a 12-day trip to Rajasthan – Mount Abu (awesome weather – colder than any winter here in Mumbai), Kumbalgarh (we stayed 5 minutes away from the actual fort) and Nawalgarh(we stayed at what used to be an actual palace and is now converted to a heritage hotel). I’ve never been there before so it was a brand new experience for me. I had a blast. Needless to say, I tried to schedule a few posts before going but had to complete a wedding cake order before leaving along with some other cake orders that came in at the last minute, so couldn’t put up as many as I hoped to.

Anyway, when I got back a couple of days ago, amidst all the clean up and laundry that results from being away for so long, I went to check out my list of recipes that I had shortlisted for this months SRC. SRC is turning out to be so much fun. Thank you Amanda for coming up with this concept and a big “thank you” to Tina for painstakingly hosting our group month after month. This month, I was assigned Lynne’s blog Cafe Lynnylu. If you haven’t stopped by her blog yet, you really should. She has tonnes of wonderful recipes. She participates in the Daring Bakers Challenges and I really admire the folks who are part of that group. They come up with stunning stuff always. She also is an amazing photographer, you have to see the pictures on her blog. Simply put, her blog is a treat in more ways than one. Picking out a recipe for this months reveal was a very daunting task for me since I was spoiled for choice. Just to give you a heads up, my final list of recipes to consider for the SRC consisted of 21 recipes. This month, I decided to do something a little different. I have never posted cocktails on my blog before and Lynne has a stunning collection of these. Considering all the chaos and lack of time, not to mention the weather in Mumbai is so hot, its killing me;  I decided to whip up a cocktail to help us cool off – I picked the Black Russian.

The Black Russian is a coffee drink and with minimal prep, is really simple to put together. This drink is a coffee lovers delight. I love my morning mug of coffee so I figured I couldn’t go wrong with this. I was very happy with the way this turned out. Which reminds me, I had bought a book dedicated to cocktails which I have used only once before and I think trying this drink out has given me the boost I needed to try out some of the concoctions from the book as well as Lynne’s blog. Thanks to Lynne I now know  how to make a great Black Russian. I can’t wait to add to my meager cocktail arsenal.

Black Russian
Adapted from: Cafe Lynnylu

60ml Vodka
2 tbsp Kahlua
3 tbsp chilled black coffee, sweetened
Ice cubes, coarsely crushed

Fill a glass with the crushed ice.

Pour the vodka and the Kahlua over it and stir.

Add the chilled coffee and stir to mix well.

Sit back and enjoy your drink.


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25 thoughts on “SRC : My first cocktail post – Black Russian

  1. HI Trisha, Thanks for the kind comments on my blog, Cafe Lynnylu. I didn't know who had my blog until I saw the photo of the Black Russian cocktail. It's a favorite of mine! Yours looks very inviting-nice work!

  2. I've never seen this made with chilled coffee, since Kaluha is a coffe-based liqeur to begin with. It must add extra flavour – great idea!

    And this used to be one of my favourite drinks in my last year of University.

  3. Hey, this is just great. I have been hosting a series called Food on Friday which features a different food or ingredient each time. This week, for fun, we are doing cocktails and mocktails. If you would like to link this in – this is the link Food on Friday

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